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C.J. Gorter NMR-DG Award

The C.J. Gorter NMR-DG Award is funded by the Stichting Magnetische Resonantie “NMR-DG” and is given every year for the best Ph.D. thesis in the area of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and/or magnetic resonance imaging of the preceding two years. The purpose of the Award is to provide recognition to young scientists in The Netherlands who have performed thesis work of outstanding scientific quality. The Award consists of a certificate and a prize of € 1500 in cash, at full disposal of the laureate for enhancing his/her scientific career. The Award will be presented at the annual symposium of the Dutch NMR-DG, where the laureate is expected to present an acceptance lecture.

Candidates can be nominated by their PhD (co)promotor or supervisor, or can apply themselves for the Award by sending a short motivation letter with contact details of one or two persons that can be contacted for reference, their CV (including a publication list), the thesis summary and a link to a digital version of the thesis to the NMR-DG secretariat ( A letter of recommendation by the (co-)promotor or supervisor specifying the contribution of the candidate in the research is very helpful.

Eligible candidates need to have obtained their doctorate at a university in The Netherlands on a topic in the field of magnetic resonance in a broad sense. The thesis should have been defended in the two preceding years (May 1 2020 – May 1 2022).

The Award jury consists of a representative of the Stichting Magnetische Resonantie “NMR-DG” (who will act as the jury chairman), a representative of the Netherlands NMR Discussion Group (who will act as the jury secretary) and 3–4 additional members, from different magnetic resonance disciplines and appointed by the board of the Dutch NMR-DG. The jury will make a shortlist of 5-10 nominees who will be invited to submit 5 hard copies of their thesis. The jury must reach a unanimous decision on the Award and motivate their choice in a laudation, to be presented at the annual symposium of the Dutch NMR-DG. The travel costs of the laureate to participate and present his/her thesis research in this symposium can be reimbursed (maximum € 500) from the Stichting Magnetische Resonantie “NMR-DG”.

Deadlines in the time schedule for the Award 2022

  • May 23:              Submission motivation letter, CV, thesis summary, digital version of the thesis, and preferably a letter of recommendation by the (co-)promotor
  • May 30:              Preselection of 5-10 candidates by the jury, and contact with these Award nominees
  • June 7:               Submission of 5 hard copies of the thesis (nominees only)
  • October 6:          Jury decision and information of the Prize winner and other nominees
  • November 4:      Award ceremony at the annual Dutch NMR Discussion Group meeting

Award winners

            2007 Hugo van Ingen

            2008 Harm Wieldraaijer

            2009 Carel Windt

            2010 Jacob Bart

            2012 Peter Seevinck

            2014 Ot Bakermans

            2016 Mohammed Kaplan

            2017 Nan Eshuis

            2018 Chantal Tax

            2020 Joao Medeiros-Silva

            2021 Wouter Franssen

            2022 Donny Merkx


Award Jury

             Prof. dr. P.C.A. van der Wel, Stichting Magnetische Resonantie NMR-DG, Chairman

             Dr. A. Carvalho de Souza, Stichting Magnetische Resonantie NMR-DGSecretary

            Prof. dr. R. Boelens, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

             Dr. L. van der Weerd, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands


Address Award Jury

            Nederlandse NMR Discussie Groep, Secretariaat “C.J. Gorter NMR-DG Award”

            Bijvoet Centrum voor Biomoleculair  Onderzoek

            Universiteit Utrecht

            Padualaan 8

            3584 CH Utrecht