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Annual Meeting 2022

57th NMR-DG meeting Friday November 4, 2022

Organisers: Anne Wentink (Leiden University), Chloe Najac (LUMC), Daan de Kort (Shell), Evan Wenbo Zhao (Radboud University), John van Duynhoven (Wageningen University/Unilever), Klaartje Houben (DSM), Patrick van der Wel (University of Groningen), Rolf Boelens (Utrecht University)

Host: Daan de Kort (Shell)

Registration: via our NMRDG website Registration Annual Meeting 2022. There will be no registration costs for the meeting.

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Location: Shell Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam, Grasweg 31, 1031 HW Amsterdam,  route description

Visitors of ETCA are requested to bring valid identification: passport or ID card. A dutch drivers license is also valid.


09.30    Reception with coffee

10.15    Miranda Mooijer, Shell, Welcome to the Shell Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam

10.30    Andy Sederman, Cambridge University, Using Magnetic Resonance to provide new insights into mass transport in reactors and other porous media

11.00    Angel Wong, Radboud University, Enhancing the sensitivity of quadrupolar SSNMR spectroscopy: methods and applications

11.20    Francesca Lavore, Utrecht University, NMR studies of the ErmB-RNA complex - towards new drugs that overcome antibiotic resistance

11.40    Sharina Chander, DSM Delft, High throughput screening by NMR - segmented flow with a novel fluoropolymer flow cell

12.00    Pitches (vendors)

12.15-13.30      Poster session and lunch buffet

13.30    Melinda Duer, Cambridge University, Understanding biological tissues in health and disease with solid-state NMR

14.00    Pedro B. Groszewicz, TU Delft, Application of high-voltage ex situ and in situ NMR to study materials for high power electronics and ultrasound transducers

14.20    Morwarid Mayar, Wageningen University, In vitro 1H MT and CEST MRI of protein digestion under semi-dynamic conditions

14.40    Raffaella Parlato, University of Groningen, NMR studies on light-controlled modulation of polyglutamine amyloid structure

15.00    Coffee break

15.20    Lolita Dsouza, Leiden University, NMR characterization of dynamics of the efficient light-harvesting antennae chlorosomes of wild-type Chlorobacculum tepidum

15.40    Ruben Nicasy, Applied Physics TU/e, Real time measurements of moisture uptake in paper sheets using High-speed NMR

16.00    Gorter award lecture

16.25-16.30      Closure

16.30-17.45      Drinks