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Annual Meeting 2020

55th NMR-DG meeting Friday November 6, 2020

Organisers: Kristina Djanashvili (TU Delft), Rolf Boelens (UU), John van Duynhoven (WUR/Unilever), Ernst van Eck (Radboud University), Jeanine Prompers (UMCU), Pieter Magusin (Cambridge University)

Location: Zoom webinar

Registration: the information for participation will be sent out via our news letter. when you like to participate, please subscribe to our mailings.



14.00    Marnix Wagemaker, TU Delft, Diffusion of Li-ions in solid state batteries

14.25    Frans Mulder, Aarhus University, Denmark, A New NMR Technique to Measure Very Fast Hydrogen Exchange Rates in Proteins: Are High Protection Factors for Alpha-Synuclein a Sign of Structuration?

14.50    Break

15.00    Raquel Serial, WUR, Confined flow of stirred yoghurt: thixotropy and cooperativity effects studied by rheo-MRI.

15.12    Shrestha Banerjee, Radboud University, Solid-state NMR studies of photochromic yttrium oxyhydrides.

15.24    Mustapha El Hariri El Nokab, RUG, Solid-state NMR spectroscopy a valuable technique for identifying water phases in alginate hydrogels with potential drug delivery applications.

15.36    Rubin Dasgupta, Leiden University, Chemical exchange at the tri-nuclear copper centre of small laccase from Streptomyces coelicolor using paramagnetic NMR.

15.48    Antonella Di Savino, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, Dating proteins: Which dance moves make them attractive?

16.00    Break

16.10    Klaartje Houben, DSM Delft, Protein NMR at DSM: protein quality & protein-ligand interactions.

16.35    Gorter Prize lecture: João Medeiros-Silva, UU, Towards the physiologically relevant state with solid state NMR

17.00    Closure 

We are grateful to our sponsors for their financial contribution. Hence there will be no registration fees for this symposium.