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51th meeting of the Dutch NMR-DG, Wageningen

Event Date: 
Friday, October 21, 2016 - 09:30 to 17:45

Hosts: John van Duynhoven, Henk Van As and Aldrik Velders (Wageningen University)

Location: Wageningen University, Forum (Building 102), Room C0222, Droevendaalsesteeg 2, 6708 PB Wageningen

Route description: travel-directions-wageningen-campus-forum.pdf



The Dutch NMR Discussion Group will organize its 51th annual meeting in Wageningen. The meeting will be hosted by John van Duynhoven, Henk van As and Aldrik Velders of Wageningen University.

The registration for the meeting has now been opened. To make the necessary preparations for lunch, dinner and poster session, the registration deadline has been set at Thursday October 13.

Program (as pdf)

09.30       Reception with coffee

10.00       Opening and Welcome: Prof. dr. Raoul Bino, Director Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group

10.05       Introduction host: Prof. dr. Aldrik Velders (Wageningen University)

10.15       Prof. dr. Kay Saalwächter (Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle) Characterization and function of dynamic interphases in inhomogeneous polymer systems

10.45       Merijn Blaakmeer (RU) Solid State NMR approach to study Ziegler-Natta catalysts  

11.05       Ivan Corbeski (UU) Interaction of DNA repair factor APLF with core histones

11.25       João Medeiros-Silva (UU) 1H-detection of water-inaccessible proteins in vitro and in situ

11.45       Poster pitches        

12.00-13.30      Poster session and lunch buffet

13.30       Prof. dr. Jan Korvink (IMT & KIT, Karlsruhe) MEMS technologies enable miniaturized NMR equipment for applications in the life sciences

14.00       Dr. Victor Litvinov (DSM, Geleen) Strain-Induced Phenomena in Multi-Phase Polymers

14.20       Dr. Itamar Ronen (LUMC) Detection of changes in the creatine kinase cycle rate in the human visual cortex during visual activation with Filter Exchange Spectroscopy (FEXSY) at 7T

14.40      Dr. Hugo van Ingen (LU) Magnetic inequivalence revisited: the deceptively simple/complicated spectrum of a 13C,15N-labeled trimethyl amine  

15.00       Coffee break

15.20       Joop Enders (Praxair) Liquid helium

15.40       Joep van Rijn (DSM, Delft) Quantitative phosphor NMR for investigation of phospholipids in edible oils

16.00       Gorter Prize lecture: Mohammed Kaplan (UU) Cellular solid-state NMR on large prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane protein complexes

16.30-16.35      Closure 

16.35-17.45      Drinks

The lecture hall, lunches, coffee, tea and refreshments will be offered by Wageningen University in collaboration with the NMR-DG. Hence there will be no registration fees for the meeting.

To make the necessary preparations for the lunch and the poster session, the registration deadline has been set at Thursday October 13. Registration for the meeting is possible via our website.


Poster session

Please send us full details on the posters to be presented on behalf of your institute or company (Title, Authors, Name of the presenter and Affiliation - no abstract, and please as plain text in the email) not later than Thursday October 13, to

This year there will be the possibility to give a pitch presentation of your poster before the actual poster session. To make use of this opportunity you should submit one(!) PowerPoint slide along with your poster submission. Depending on the number of contributions, you will be allowed 30-60 seconds for your pitch.

The NMRDG will award the best poster presentation with a prize.