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Annual Meeting 2019

54th NMR-DG meeting Friday October 18, 2019

Hosts: Ad Kimenai, Paolo Sabatino and Maria Oikonomou (Dow, Terneuzen) 


Location: Communicatiecentrum De Boerderij, Herbert H. Dowweg 2, 4542 NM Hoek (haven 485)

Route description: routebeschrijvingDOW.pdf

Public transport:

Suggested hotels: Hotel L’Escaut, Hampshire Hotel-Churchill Terneuzen, Hampshire Inn-City


Registration: registration for this meeting has been closed.


Keynote speakers: Axel Kretschmer (Dow Chemical), Jose Martins (Gent, B), Paul Van der Meeren (Gent, B), Kristina Djanashvili (Delft, NL)


09.30   Reception with coffee

09.30   Bus leaving from Goes railway station (please arrive with the 9.15 train)

10.15   Edwin Mes, Dow Chemical, Terneuzen, Introduction host

10.25   Axel KretschmerDow Chemical, Brussel, Aspects and Examples of 29Si NMR Spectroscopy

10.50   Elwin van der Cruijsen, DSM Biotechnology Center, Delft, Kinetic measurement of enzyme performance in application matrix using time-resolved NMR spectroscopy

11.10   Frank Vergeldt, Wageningen University and Research, Multi-component quantitative magnetic resonance imaging by phasor representation

11.30   Kristina Djanashvili, TU Delft, Department of Biotechnology, Potential of paramagnetic porous nanosystems for MRI applications revealed by NMR

11.55-14.00            Poster session, lunch buffet and Dow site visit

14.00   José Martins,Ghent University, Unraveling the mode of action of Pseudomonas cyclic lipopeptides : Looking for clues with NMR

14.25   Helen Grüninger, Radboud University Nijmegen, Unravelling ringwoodite‘s hydrous defect chemistry by NMR crystallography

14.45   Donny Merckx, Unilever, Vlaardingen, Early assessment of oxidative stability in mayonnaise by 1H NMR and ESR

15.05   Davy Sinnaeve, CNRS Lille, Separating the wheat from the chaff: measuring couplings in challenging systems

15.25   Paul Van der Meeren, Ghent University, Physicochemical characterisation of multiple W/O/W emulsions by NMR diffusometry and relaxometry

15.50   Closure

16.30   Bus leaving for Goes railway station

16.00-17.00            Drinks

The program is also available for downloading. We are grateful to our sponsors for their financial contribution. Hence there will be no registration fees for this symposium, but registration is required.